Who is using timesheet and how do you deal with overtime?

I’m very interested if anybody is using the timesheet module. Personally I’m using it and it works very well (I added some additional fields with my own module).

But how are you dealing with overtime? For example the worktimes are 5 days of 8 hours each. A total of 40 hours a week. Now there are some workers who have worked 45 hours this week. So 5 hours overtime. This 5 hours have to be registered in some way because the hours can be used to get some time off or paid out at a later moment.

As an example, the worker have worked 45 hours from which 40 hours are “fixed” (he have to work 40 hours a week) and 5 hours “flexible” (he can use this hours when he wants and in a manner he wants). What is the best method to register this 5 hours?

Timesheet module is not about attendance. Tryton does not have for now attendance nor payroll module.

We have a module to manage extra hour costs. But it’s not exactly what you are describing …

As Cédric mentioned, Timesheet is usually not the right way to compute the employee’s assistance. For example, users may not have a timesheet.work for everything they do at the company.

Maybe the WorkingShift concept from NaN-tic’s payroll module can help you with that (some models from that module should probably be moved to another module). There’s also employee_leave that complements it.

Also as timesheet are usually used to invoice customer. There can be some rules like rounding at 15’.