How to get timesheet information billed on invoice

I’ve activated the following modules:

  • account
  • account_invoice
  • account_product
  • product
  • project
  • project_invoice
  • timesheet
  • … and a few more which seem to be on by default.

Then I …

  • created a company,

  • client,

  • project

    • selected the client and checked the timesheet check box on the project dialog,
    • connected it to a service product,
    • created project tasks for that project,
  • then created time sheet tasks that are based on those project tasks, and

  • time sheet entries that are based on those time sheet tasks

  • for a user which I’ve given admin rights, so there should be no restriction on any functionality.

I searched through this forum and the Internet, but couldn’t find how to continue from here.

What step did I miss out in creating an invoice that lists the accumulated time sheet entries as billable positions?

Thanks in advance, Chris

On the project there should be a “Invoice” button if you have selected “On timesheet” as “Invoice Method” for the project.

Thank you!

I had the “Timesheet” checkbox marked, but oversaw the “Invoice Method” drop-down field on the right. After selecting “On Timesheet” there, the “Launch action” drop-down button in the button bar contains the “Invoice” action as described.

Thanks again, this worked.

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