Tryton for Dummies

Happy New Year!
I am interested in getting Tryton for our company. I am failing miserably to install the server on my Lab PC. I copied the commands from the installation documentation and pasted in every command line tool i had and I am still unable to get anything tryton going. I downloaded python, postgresql, pip for python and I am very frustrated at this point. My experience with docker and programing is at step one (following instructions that is). Do you have A for dummies installation manual, With pictures too please?

It can happen in the beginning. I was in this state quite a while myself.

In order to be able to help I need to know what documentation you read,
what you did, and what failed.

Please do decide if you want to install by pip or by docker: these two installation methods are quite different.

My understanding is that Docker is simpler, but in my case it is not available for the platform that I am using.

There is no such official manual, although a lot of people have started doing something like this. I guess the scope of the community is to improve the existing documentation, so I will be happy for you to tell me where you are getting stuck after following the documentation so that we can improve it.

Dotbit, thank you very much for dissecting my notes and sharing your experience.
1- The only documentation available on the tTryton site is what I read. i did not get past the first page. The server installation page. all worked but getting pip and the server installation
2- I honestly don’t know which will be a better interface to manage the server with. I would prefer Docker because I have a windows environment.
3- If I get thought it, I will be amongst those who who will write up a by pictures manual on how to install it :slight_smile:

I do not have the ability to help with windows.

You have not specified what exactly the problem is, in this case I can not help.

Docker is simpler if it is available for your platform.
I personally do not have experience with docker,
but I am sure that someone will help if you specify exactly which step of the instructions is failing you.

Thank you for trying. I got the docker container to run and was able to launch the web page. The login dialogue appeared but I am missing the database/Source and therefore I am unable to login to anything.

Hi @ama,

so I guess, you follow our Tryton / Tryton Docker · GitLab guide or the complete docker guide.

when you initialized the database the default database name is tryton (coming from the -d option). So just use tryton as database, if you didn’t change it. The user is always admin and the password (and email address) were prompted while initialize the database. HIH

Happy new year udono,

I lost track whether I initialzed the dB or not from having tried many things many ways. the one thing I am sure of is when I launched the web page of the running docker container I was prompted for the user name and the field above it for the DB was empty. I did lookup the guide on docker and it was a here we go again with commands of which either returned an error or told me to go fish. There were 3 images. I pulled them all and was able to only use one of them. I figured the docker image will have it all loaded but that was not the case. I am probably going to look at other open ERPs of which aren’t so involved to deploy for a novice like me. I have a mixed physical and Virtual windows environment and need more versatile system that can run on anything. Thank you for taking the time to help out.

Hi ama, happy new year!

Can you please paste the command and the errors you got in a message?

This sentence I don’t understand.

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@ama, Thanks for still being around here, even you have a hard time to get Tryton running!

I assume that you are running Windows and trying to install Tryton. It can be a bit hard, but there are several posts here on the forum which hopefully will help you.

I have some posts, I linked to the solutions but it will be good to read the whole discussion to get the idea:

And maybe other discussions will help as well, see

If you want to run Docker, see

Hopefully this will guide you in the right direction!

Thanks Edbo! I don’t like to loose to a piece of software. I know I will eventually make it work. I do not like command prompt and that is my biggest problem. I will go through your suggestions and hope to make it work. I will resort to Ubuntu other wise. Stay tuned :sweat_smile:


@udono It’s an idiom that means “it wasn’t going to help and to go and sort it out for myself”.

hang tight guys, I am loading Ubuntu on my labrat and will give it another chance despite command prompt. :sweat_smile:

Success so far:
1- installed ubuntu 22.04
2- Installed Python 3, PostgreSQL and PIP
3- Ran the server install command and it actually worked this time
4- The confusion with the installation page begins here: Do you go to the next page (configuration file for Tryton) or Install the Modules?

I recommend to follow It’s a step-by-step guide and shows the way I’m installing Tryton and is way more detailed and specific.

Generally, let’s first get everything working before installing the modules. Because installing the modules is not complicated once you have the base system running.

Great! Thank you. I will follow it and let you know.

Jan 05 14:17:56 Tryton-Sandbox systemd[1]: Starting PostgreSQL RDBMS…
Jan 05 14:17:56 Tryton-Sandbox systemd[1]: Finished PostgreSQL RDBMS.
I am stuck at this point
How long should I expect it to go for? is it actually building a db or am i missing something?

@ama , you need to give more context. just copy and paste the text from the commandline here, it is much better than taking a screenshot, also it can be indexed.

If you want help you need to provide what command you rand, and what the results are with a bit more context.

This picture looks like the text is shown within some pager (“more”, “less”). Pressing q might help.

Thank you all for your support and willingness to help out. I succeeded in Installing the server on Ubuntu 22.04. Administration and actual testing are on next. I will post my step by step instructions that made it happen for me soon. Once again, Thank you!