Finding Step By Step Server Configuration in Windows 10

Hello Everyone Im New Here Finding Configuration Steps for Server Testing in Windows Like that
pip Install trytond
postgresql install
create conf file save as at this location

There is How install Tryton in Windows 10? (Regular and Anaconda) - #7 by edbo that may fit your needs.

Thanks for Your Reply

Im Getting This Error

(tryton) E:\tryton>python Scripts\trytond-admin -c .\trytond.conf -d tryton --all -vv
E:\tryton\lib\site-packages\trytond\ UserWarning: Timezone must be set to UTC instead of Pakistan Standard Time
  warnings.warn('Timezone must be set to UTC instead of %s' % time.tzname[0])
could not load .\trytond.conf
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:\tryton\Scripts\trytond-admin", line 23, in <module>
  File "E:\tryton\lib\site-packages\trytond\", line 31, in run
  File "E:\tryton\lib\site-packages\trytond\backend\sqlite\", line 363, in connect
    self._make_uri(), uri=True,
  File "E:\tryton\lib\site-packages\trytond\backend\sqlite\", line 437, in _make_uri
    raise IOError("Database '%s' doesn't exist!" % db_path)
OSError: Database 'C:\Users\noman\db/tryton.sqlite' doesn't exist!

I tried to solve out my self but not solved guide to further Steps in Simple way

Tryton could not find your trytond.conf file. I don’t know where your trytond.conf is but when it’s in the same directory as where you start from, just use trytond.conf.

i created venv with name tryton in e: drive i place trytond.conf file at scripts folder

like that


The path is relative to you current working directory and not the directory of the script run.

ok where i have to place i want to run from

this is virtualenv

It doesn’t matter where you place the trytond.conf, just use an absolute path. Examples:
Running with absolute path:

(tryton) E:\tryton>python Scripts\trytond-admin -c E:\tryton\Scripts\trytond.conf -d tryton --all -vv

Running with relative path:
It’s important where you are in the directory tree. In this case you are in E:\tryton and you have placed your trytond.conf in the Scripts directory.

(tryton) E:\tryton>python Scripts\trytond-admin -c Scripts\trytond.conf -d tryton --all -vv

I’ve done this of the top of my head so it’s not tested. If it isn’t working try different things you won’t break anything.