How install Tryton in Windows 10? (Regular and Anaconda)

I started my laptop and tried to run Trytond with sqlite, so no connection to PostgreSQL.

  1. Downloaded the latest Anaconda Python package and installed it for me as local user. Added the Python command to the PATH.
  2. Start the anaconda prompt
  3. Create a virtual environment in a specific directory with python -m venv --system-site-packages .
  4. Activate the venv with Scrips\activate.bat (you’ll see the name of the directory also in front of your command line)
  5. Install Trytond with pip install trytond. This will install all the necessary packages needed for a basic system
  6. not needed if you use PostgreSQL create an empty file for the SQlite database with touch trytond.sqlite
  7. Create a trytond.conf file to specify the database location or connection. I used notepad for that. Add
uri = postgresql://<postgreUser>:<postgrePassword>@localhost:5432/
path = C:\Users\<username>\<location>\<of_your>\<configfile>

The uri is only needed when connecting to PostgreSQL. Replace all the <> with the actual values.

  1. Start the trytond-admin to initialize the database with python Scripts\trytond-admin -c .\<configfile> -d <database> --all -vv. A bunch of messages will flow over your screen and you will be asked for a email and password for the admin user.
  2. Start the trytond-server now with python Scripts\trytond -c .\<configfile> -d <database>
  3. Install the tryton-client the ‘normal’ way and you should be able to connect.