Template move and dates

A bit lost on how to set up a template move.
Creating the template, I keep it simple with name, journal, and a few lines with the accounts that need to be moved including draft descriptions.
When I try to create a move, for example in february (2019-02), it balks saying I can’t create the movement because the date is outside of the period!?!
Also, seems lame to have to specify a debit/credit for the move lines, each line may simply ‘depend’ upon the circumstances.
Anybody find any use here?

You should update the period and then update the date.

Sorry but I do not understand what do you mean here. Could you please clarify?

? I have to select a period, but if it is any but the current period I get error.
Blank date seems to force date to ‘today’ which is illogical given one has to choose a period.

It’s the way it works.

If you want to choose the date you’ve to set it as a move template keyword.

I hope it helps you.

Yeah, thanks, that did help.
Too bad the date selection doesn’t open in the period selected prior, but oh well…

[updated: I created Issue 8725: template move and date selection - Tryton issue tracker]

Seems odd to stipulate specifically a debit or credit with value 0.

If the template works with fixed non-zero values, then that’s only case where it would be useful.

Probably a turd from not using debit and credit as the basis of the move (like in a real move line), which would have been much more intuitive.

Instantiating the template seems okay, though.

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