Need advice on String format on Type: Date for keyword on account move template

Hi folks,

please provide a proper string format for adding a keyword of Type: Date to an account move template.


Thank you very much in advance.

There is no special format. The “string” field is just text that will be used as label when asking user to fill it.

Thank you Ced. Than we have another issue as we do get the error:
"The date of move “1525” is outside the period, you must change the date or the period.

If we try to create a move before the current period we get this error.
If we set date and period to the current period it works.
But date is changed to today even if set to another day.
Somehow our with calender widget selected date is forced to today.

Tryton 6.0
if it works for others on 6.0 than the error must be in our code.
I try to look it up.

Kind regards.

Thank you

I do not see where the move date could be changed like that. Are you sure your template is correctly configured to use a date keyword as move date.

Now i changed in move template Date: to “move_date”

and the keyword Name from “effective_date” to “move_date”


and now it works!

Thank you and kind regards,

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