Strange values on Sales Report

I have a situation in which the report by product from the Sales Report is producing values that are 4 times the real amount sold. Has anyone seen this problem before? I am using Tryton 6.0.4.

This is a sample screenshot of a sale’s report line for a particular product for a specific day. It says 434,720.09, but the actual sales line where this amount comes from is just only 108,680.00

Report output:

Sales line:

Maybe the “actual quantity” is 4 times greater than the sale quantity.
This could happen if you link more invoice lines and stock moves to the sale line that represent more quantities. As it is exactly 4 times, I would suspect that a shipment or an invoice has been duplicated 3 times.

I checked on the sales lines and I don’t see any duplicated quantities. In fact on my example I have purposely limit the report to one specific date, where there was only 1 sale. So the problem must come from somewhere else.
I am currently looking at the generated SQL statements from the report and see if the problem is related to the currency. The currency for this company is in CRC (Costa Rica Colon). I have another report for another company where the currency is in USD, where the exchange rate is always 1 and the sales report returns the correct values.
I will investigate more and probably test my setup on demo DB and see if I can replicate the problem. I will keep you updated on my findings.

I was speaking about duplicate shipment or invoice.

I was trying to setup an example in the demo DB, but somehow the sales report does not allow me to choose the report per product. It loads the sales per region upon clicking on the sales icon on Reporting. Can somebody tell if the other reports have been disabled in the demo?

No it is just a side effect of Issue 10828: Menu with multiple actions always run one randomly - Tryton issue tracker