Sales > Reporting (by product) - no change when date changes?

This happens In my install as well as in tryton demo 6.4:

When I call sales > reporting > by product, I get this result:

When I double click the 1st prduct in the list, I can see that is was sold 1st of Mar and Apr, so not within the from - to range, which indicates “today”.

When I change the “from” date to Jan 1st 2022, numbers do not change:

My naive understanding is that this feature should display numbers of products, sold in the period defined in the “from” and “to” boxes. What sense should these boxes make elsewise? So - is it my misunderstanding again - or a malfunction?


Click on refresh button.

Of course I did so.
And I do not need at the initial call of the feature.

Indeed nothing change because there are no new sales for this period :person_facepalming:

Still a little strange, as the first image in my initial message should not appear, I think. But subsequently I made several mistakes, main probably was to hit ctrl-R instead of the menu button.

So, please apologize for the useless effort and thanks for your time.