Stock accounts - first approach

Hello friends,
yet another very basic setup I’m trying to achieve - trying to set up stock account.
To begin with:

In our German standard table of accounts, the stock account (“Warenbestandskonto” in German) has got the Code 1140. Settings look like this:

Now when i try to use that account in [Menu] Articles > Categories, it is not applicable. The magnifier symbol does not deliver usable results either. Does this account require specific settings?


I guess the problem is that the reqlated type is does not have the stock account flag.
Activating this flag on the type should show the account on the Stock Account field of the Product category.

If you know which accounts should be applicable for the stock accounts, please create an issue on our bug tracker to improve the German Chart of accounts module.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll check that out with our fellow German friends.

Thanks to Frederick, I could switch the 1140 account to “stock”:

Check in
Kontentypenplan SKR04 (Germany)\Aktiva\Umlaufvermögen\Vorräte\fertige Erzeugnisse und Waren
the box “Waren”.

My guess now is that I have to set up stock accounts in article categories. I tried just to use 1140 as stock account, but when doing a sale or purchase, nothing happens on 1140. So how would I use stock accounts correctly?


May you fill a bug report if the chart of account must be updated.

You must select a “Account Stock Method” on the fiscal-year.
Also account will be filled once incoming or outgoing stock moves are done.

Thank you. I selected the offered “continental” stock account method. When now executing a delivery, at the final step the system says “no stock account out defined”.

When I try to fill in an account for that (only the “1100” familiy is selectable), system says “The value for field “Account Stock OUT” in “Category Account” is not valid according to its domain”.

So what should I do now?


You can not use the same account for “Stock” and “Stock IN” or “Stock OUT”.
Now about the available accounts, the SKR03 chart is not very well maintained. It did not follow the last 2-3 years of development. We expect to have some German guys who will bring it back on track but for that it requires some knowledge in development and accounting.

I’m not on SKR03, but on SKR04, and I’m in very close touch with the guys who’re maintaining it.

But we’re a little out of clou. I can put “1140” now in the stock account. When doing so, at a sale no entry appears at the “1140” account sheet.

So we may have to use the “stock in/out” accounts as well. But we don’t know which accounting category should be used. Selectable at the moment (maybe due to a glitch in SKR04) are only 1100, 1110 and 1140.

Can not help as you are talking about a non standard (maybe not public) module.