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Hi everybody
I have recently started configuring Tryton for use in South Africa. Am using the docker image for ver 6.2. As no account template is available have been using the minimal account. I am currently stuck on using stock and inventory.

  1. As no stock account is listed I first created a new account type viz …/assets/current/stock and checked both the asset and stock check boxes. (…/assets/current specified as the parent) I then created a GL stock account specifying this account as account type. Would this be the correct way to create stock accounts?
  2. I am trying to use the anglo-saxen stock method which I activated in the fiscal year setting. When this module was activated the continental stock module was also activated - so my guess is that the anglo-saxen module builds(extends) on this?
  3. When specifying this newly created GL stock account as the stock account in the account categories of products it was met with no complaints. However this was not the case for the Stock IN and Stock OUT accounts which I created as separate stock accounts in the GL. (complaints about invalid domains) I have subsequently learned that accommodating this approach is currently a work in progress. Do I in the meanwhile have to keep the stock account and specify the IN account as an expense account and the OUT account as an income account. If so will I still be able to use the COGS account and the anglo-saxen stock method?

Looking forward to receiving some help.
Johann Greyling

The modul creates accounts for the minimal chart. I guess you activated the modul after creating the minimal chart of accounts so that’s why you don’t see it.

If you are not sure about the accounts to use I will recommend updating the Chart of Accounts from the template (which should create the accounts) and using the default ones.

Yes, anglo saxon extends continental.

This is a sign that you did not create the accounts with the right types.

Thanks for quick reply.
Yes I did activate the module after creating COA. Will try updating COA.

The question remains whether the anglo saxen method is functional yet. Cedric has posted quite a bit on this. For the anglo-saxen to work it is my understanding that the IN and OUT stock accounts should be balance sheet accounts which is why I do not understand the domain error if I did not receive it for stock account specification. Will probably know for sure once updated COA. Will let you know
Many thanks

I have the same issue.

It has been fixed recently by issue11004 and published as version 6.2.1 however the docker image still uses the old version 6.2.0.

Thank you.

The update of the accounts worked fine except that the Stock IN/OUT accounts stil require expense account. See

Seems the docker image still uses the old version ?

Helpful . Hopefully we’ll see this soon in docker image.
Best Wishes

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