Type of IN/OUT stock accounts

The “Account Stock Continental” module set a constraint on the IN/OUT stock accounts to be of income statement. And this is the case for Belgium.
It seems that some countries (for what I understand Serbian) is using balance sheet account for IN/OUT when doing Anglo-Saxon stock accounting.
Does anyone have similar case where the IN/OUT stock accounts must be in the balance sheet?

In case if this is a valid use case, I filled Issue 11004: Allow balance account for stock IN/OUT - Tryton issue tracker

After many reading on the anglo-saxon and COGS accounting (indeed there are not much documentation about the accounting of perpetual inventory), it is clear that the goal of it is to book the expense (so in income statement) of goods only when sold. So for that the Stock IN account must be in the balance sheet with the Stock account and idem for the Sock OUT account.

Hi Cedric
For use in South Africa (and possibly UK?) the anglo saxen stock method is the closest to what we use .
I am currently in discussions with accountants and have the following queries:
Please note that we use accrual accounting systems.
1.The journals described (as per your official documentation) and the invoicing of stock moves utilizing the stock in and stock out accounts are consistent with the SA practice and consistent with an accrual system.
2. I would appreciate some clarification on the Sock account. Is this a parent account for the IN/OUT accounts which would be consistebt with an accrual system?
3.Importantly, most users would be interestd in the available stock on hand. This would be considered as the total stock available in the warehouse(s) and not only stock for which the invoices have been paid as is the case with some accounting software.

I have tried your software for a periodic inventory scenario and was impressed with features available which I have not encountered elsewhere.

Looking forwarf to your reply
Johann Greyling.

There are no constraint on the tree structure of the account so you can have such parent/children.

This is available not in the accounting but in the stock reporting.

Thank you for prompt reply
1.For which version of tryton available as the installable server/docker image will this module be fully functional?
2.As I am using the generic COA, which of the accounts required for the module to be functional will be installed in the COA?


The supported versions which are 5.0, 6.0 and 6.2. But of course the latest has the more features.

I do not understand the question. Mainly because generic has not requirement because it is bound to any legislation.

As no Chart of accounts is available for my country I am obliged to use the default COA availanle which as I ubderstand is a generic set of accounts. Although cumbersone to configure it suffices at the moment for evaluation purposes

Puttomg yhe question another way:
As no chart of accounts is available for my country I use the default generic COA (it is the only one available) when creating a company. Thus far I was able to see the journals ,do invoiving of customers/suppliers , Vat etc. I am in the process of evaluating your software and am fully aware that there are protocols in place to establish COA which is country specific.

For the evaluation of the anglo saxen dtock module it would suffive to conform that I would be able to configure the Stock IN/OUT and stock accounts as discussed above after activating the module.

I am concerned about the security of your site as I am unable to ddelete my account.
You are hereby given permission to do this