Someway to get paid help?

Is there someway to get paid support or direct one or one help with a install. The Doc’s are not helping.

There is a list of service providers on the website that may provide such services.

You can use this forum also to get support from the community.

But none in the states?

If its an installation that you need maybe we could assist remotely. Let us know

Actually I have been able to install and get running the trytond server and the tryton-client working. Now I need to understand how the tryton-client actually works. There is very little that provides a simple overview on any site. My guess is that this will be a very steep learning curve! Even the so called wizards have fields that I can’t find information on.

Have a look at the little “getting started” guide in my sig. You may find some answers there. Plase help me to improve it!


that appears to be a good start. Where and how can we continue this conversation? I doubt that this support forum is the best place.