Is tryton for me?

First: Thank you all so very much for your so many and incredibly quick answers. I’m really impressed about the willingness to help me.

Unluckily, many of the answers are beyond my capabilities. So I question myself: Is tryton for me?

I’m an entrepreneur, looking for a tool to do the not-at-all-fun part of my job: accounting, inventory, taxes etc. I’m 10 years into linux, did a little end user support, tried various distros, read c’t regularly. I cannot code, and I wont learn that. I like tinkering for a good solution, but it does not make sense to learn loads of specials in computer science, as I mainly need a tool. I’m well aware that introducing ERP is a big deal and takes a lot of time.

Said that - is tryton for me? - For an entrepreneur, not a geek or coder?


If you are looking for something more than usual, you are in the right place, otherwise look at something commercial .

Of course, Tryton users do not need to be a geek nor a coder.

Tryton is for everyone but please take note that learning is a large course specially is you are following all the steps by yourself.

If you want to flatten the learning curve you may consider contracting some training sessions from our service providers.

Success with any ERP project requires many skills, so that nobody can master all alone.
First, you already know how to manage your business and the regulations.
Then, you must learn how to use the ERP to fulfill your objectives.
Next, you may have to integrate the ERP with other tools, like mail, agendas, web applications, set business models configuration and adapt format of documents.
Last you must be able to do some system administration to ensure data security and continuity over years.
On all these aspects, Tryton is far simpler/cheaper than most alternative solutions. Nevertheless, if only one thing is not done according to “good practice”, the project may fail. Even with better documentation and tutorials, you cannot avoid a minimal set of skills which is already huge.

This is why you need support from the community.
You will identify in the community people who can help you for the different aspects, or eventually you will find someone who will be able to provide all skills + a hosting solution.

Maybe I can help for the last point : system administration. (I collaborate with other specialists on the other points).
I help small business to start with their first contact with Tryton, in particular in France and french speaking countries.
I offer free on-line service for starting in minutes with Tryton. It automatically comes with a setting for France (language and accounting localization). If you think it would be useful for you, let me know and I will extend this service for your localization, it was in my plans. Check
When the decision is made to go to production with Tryton, the service is migrated to the server of your choice.

Thank you very much for your encouragement. I’m making slow and more or less steady progress. Really awesome is the commitment of quite some forum members, who really give their best to help me.

Till now, I’m quite comprehensive with my notes on the setup and config process - so there is a fair chance that in a few days a first draft of a guide to tryton for dummie-noobs can be available.

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let’us know. Such a guide is expected by many on this forum.

I will. Don’t expect too much, it’s just a little advanced note-taking… (: