Beginners' companion

During the last months, while introducing tryton in my little company, I tried to record the steps I found out with so much help from the forum, endless trial-and-error and some (more or less) professional support.
The present state (permanent work in progress) can be found at my owncloud:
owncloud directory

Although there are definitely many weak points, I would have saved more than half a man-month if I had had the info it contains. Some of you may simile about some boring details I mentioned - but believe me, that are those I really had to struggle with, so they may be worth to be mentioned.

Having received so much from the community I feel obliged to return something. As I cannot do coding, I tried to do some writing. The result is far away from being good or even perfect, but may serve as a sort of beginning.

What I’d like to offer to the community:
A commitment, at least till the end of this year (hopefully longer, if my workload and health conditions permit) to maintain this draft, to collect improvements and enhancements, to structure them and integrate them to the piece. At the beginning of my text, I ask beginners in tryton for help to improve it. I’m convinced that it’s really important to ask beginners for beginners’ problems. My wish would be a well visible link at “”, which would guide beginners to this piece.

Allthough I tried, I could not find out how the “google summer of code” project performs and what kind of results we can expect from there. If it should be integrated there, let me know. If my essay is obsolete for results to come from there, tell me. If not, let me know where I should store the text, I’ll than do some formatting and create a ToC.


The link appears to be broken.

True. Fixed now.
Sorry, Things are a little confused as I’m moving to a new SSD at the moment.

From what you have described, and the documentation in the proper place discussion, it sounds like the right place for it maybe a combination of the Howto/User and the Howto/System Administrator sections.