Published Book on Tryton ERP


I have installed Tryton, but so far the initial configuration seems a little overwhelming. Many open source project has a published book, that allows some users to read & learn in a more structured way than just going through the online documentation.

Does Tryton project have any book like this that I can buy and read upon?



We are currently improving our documentaion as part of the Google Seasson of Docs.

For now there is no structured book that explains how to configure Tryton. As it is a system in constant evolution probably this book will become outdated soon.

So probably it will be better to join forces to have a proper documentation that may work for all.

Why you don’t like to read on the documention? Do you think we can add something on our documentation to match your requirmeents?

We are a very active community, so you can use our forum to ask your doubts and we will be happy to help you configure Tryton.

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I totally agree with Sergi. Never felt abandoned here :slight_smile:

I just installed a fresh version for a client, so would be happy to answer any questions here. If you in the Americas — I would happy to tell the difference between US and European practices.


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You can read pdf documentation here:


Thank you everyone for the prompt response! It seems like the community prefers questions on the forum even for mundane tidbits! That’s actually amazing!

we’ve built an e-learning platform with several courses (in Spanish) with more than 400 videos and 500 quizzes (covering Introduction, Parties, Products, Sales, Purchases, Production, Logistics…) to gently introduce users to Tryton. You may contact me if you’re interested.

Otherwise, the community is very welcoming and you’ll almost always find an answer here.

I’m interested, where we can find such page?

The service is not public but you may contact me privately for more information.

You have an email on your inbox :wink:

Of course you are free to do whatever you want but I think it will improve the visiblity of the project if we (all not only spanish people) can colaborate on having such a platform public available. I don’t mind if this a free service or you want to charge for it (indeed we can share efforts to traing all spanish customers on the platfrom).

Did you have any plans to make it public?
Can we share some efforts?

No, we have no plans for making it public.