Slow performance after SSL configuration

Hi everyone!, please I need your help, I was working with Tryton 5.0.0, everything was fine and performance was great without ssl certificate, but after configure the [ssl] section on my .conf file to get my website with HTTPS, it performance turns so slow, sometimes the web wont charge or the reports are not generated and the web console shows “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”, what i do wrong? I just configured the [ssl] certificate and privatekey, am I forgetting something?

Did you check MTU ?
ssl increases the size of the frames.
Just a guess, on my side I use a proxy.

MTU is a good point because Tryton response are often quite large.

Also it is better to activate SSL support though a reverse proxy than in Tryton itself for performance reason.

Using gunicorn or uwsgi? I used them and I had the same result, too slow; would NGINX be a better option?

No I do not think. If it is not a server issue then it is probably a network issue like a too big MTU.

Got it!, thanks so much for your help, I’m going to try configure a reverse proxy to solve this performance issue.