Connection to server 5.0 over https from Client is not possible


I activated SSL in Tryton server 5.0 (ubuntu), in config file, adding:

privatekey = /home/psk/.flask/key.pem
certificate = /home/psk/.flask/cert.pem

I created self-signed certificate using common name: localhost

My log when run server seems ok:

[2019-08-01 21:42:36,392] INFO werkzeug * Running on https://localhost:8000/ (Press CTRL+C to quit)

But in Login / Profile, ever localhost shows

I can not connect to server from client, ever I get this message:
“Could not connect to the server”

In debug mode appears
ERROR:tryton.rpc:[Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

I tried to remove known_hosts of client in /home/psk/.config/tryton/5.0

But I seems nothing works

I try test in web browser (https://localhost:8000/) and server response favicon, etc,

Maybe I missing something? or maybe my certificate is bad?

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Tryton client verify the SSL certificate against the OS Certification Authority. If you want to use a different list of authorities, you can create a ca_certs file.
Normally, there should be some error message in the logging output.

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