Search for existing planning module

As a member of computer service I Wish to view the planning of my team.
in order to view member presence when i select “planning”.
So it display for the month of today
Then weeks are identified
Then i can show next month or previous month with arrows buttons
Then i will see the team members list

Could you please answer me if any Tryton’s module seem to be like this so we could customize it to fullfill this ?

         |     January
         | 1 2 3... 31
Person 1 |   ****    ***      *    *
Person 2 |    **     *      *      *
Person 3 |      *      *      *

There is no default view to show this layount on Tryton but it can be customized to create web application that shows (and updates if required) the information using your format.

You schema remember an application that we developed and presented on a Spanish conference. You can see it here in action. Sorry the video is in spanish and the screen was not recorded so it’s not seen on the best format.