Reviving the calendar module

I was wondering if there are any plans to revive or re-introduce the calendar module back to Trytond in future versions. I found myself with the need to have a centralized calendar table for which modules like Production, Maintenance, Project, etc could store information (dates, events) that can be shared among them without each having to implement it’s own.

A few years back, the calendar module was abandoned because of caldav complexities and the library that was depended on was limited to python2. But this time I am not suggesting in bringing back caldav functionality, just the calendar that can only be accessed from Tryton clients. If synchronization with an external calendar is needed we can write additional modules that can do that.

So what do you think?

The calendar view is still there. If you want a central place you should create a Model with table_query and/or UnionMixin. I doubt we will create a model to duplicate information just to be displayed in a calendar view.

By the way for external synchronization, this is still the plan CardDAV implementation in Tryton - #3 by ced

I will explore the table_query and UnionMixin approach to tackle my needs. Thank you for the tip.