Search for module (cards, lessons, lessons schedule)

(Johan CROS) #1

Hi Everybody,

i’m testing tryton for a riding stable (on a raspberry ! ). For primaries functions like sale, account, there is no problem, i found the modules (and thank you for your work)

I’m now searching for some modules like :

  • A planning for the courses or lessons, the practitioners need to know when the course is. An authentification is needed to access the planning, it will accessed from the web.
  • Manage for some practitioners a card like a subscription, a practitioner buy a card for 10 lessons, and for every lesson deducted, the card contains only the balance.

Thanks in advance.

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #2

You can connect tryton to a web application by using the web_user module (which is framework agnositic) and the flask_tryton tryton project which eases the access of tryton models from the flask web framework.

Hope it helps

(Johan CROS) #3

Thanks Sergi !

I’ll try this a planning on tryton and a connection to a web application.