Production view per hours and workcenters


I want to know if it is possible to see the production of the works centers simultaneously, similar to the view showed below.

Hour Workcenter 1 Workcenter 2 Workcenter 3 Workcenter 4 Workcenter 5
09:00:00 Production 1 Production 101 - - -
10:00:00 Production 2 Production 102 Production 301 - -
11:00:00 Production 3 Production 103 - Production 401 -
12:00:00 Production 4 Production 104 - - -
13:00:00 Production 5 Production 105 Production 303 - -
14:00:00 Production 6 Production 106 - Production 405 -
15:00:00 Production 7 Production 107 - - -
16:00:00 Production 8 Production 108 - - Production 50
17:00:00 Production 9 Production 109 - - -
18:00:00 Production 10 Production 110 - Production 408 -
19:00:00 Production 11 - - - -

Thanks in advance.

As work center are not fixed, this means it would require a cross table query with dynamic field definition. It is very complex to do in Tryton.
Personally, I always found difficult to work and read such table because there are too much information.
But you can still look at the list of works and filter per work center but it is missing the planned date from the production.
Also I see you want to have the time. I guess you want to dispatch the works of a day on slots to make a planning. This is something that has not yet been developed but I think we could probably reuse the calendar view and add a time field on the works.
For now, the production sets is more about collecting the information than planning.

Thanks for the explanation.

Does tryton manage dynamic fields?

Has any plans to implement it? It is very usefull for task of the day.

No because Tryton uses the Active Record pattern where class defines the fields and class define the table schema. It would be a circular dependency to create a class that depends on the data in the database.
But indeed it is doable but complex by replacing the full API of ModelView and ModelStorage.

There are no plan in Tryton. Tryton is a community project. It happens only what people put in it.

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