Scripting Tryton Tutorial Video


A recurring subject is Tryton tutorial and specifically video. Today, people want to learn by watching video.
The big difficulty is to create those video in a way that we can maintain them when new versions are releases.


The idea of Making ERPNext Help Videos with Scripting is very attractive.
So we could reuse the libraries: testcafe, say.js and dogtail.



we can solve this issue be acting fast, as fast as the development of tryton.
each version release, there should be video tutorial explaining the new features only.

Experience shows that it is not the case.

The problem is that potentially on each release something may have change in any tutorial. So the goal is to be able to redo a tutorial with the minimum work.

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The only way out of this problem is designing the tutorial sequence.

Let us make an example, trial is the best way of approval.

Another tool: