Collaborative Hangout

Dear community.

in the next few month, I am planning to produce video tutorials about tryton erp and it’s implementation, but first I am going to need you help organizing the content of the series.

Starting from introduction up to mastering tryton after awhile, and to be honest I am still beginner at tryton but I believe the best way to learn tryton is by teaching it. As I am going to be force to learn tryton and it’s best practices.

I am looking forward getting help from you, and for me to become active influencer.

Can we arrange for series of google hangouts discussing this topic ?

Thank you in advance, waiting for you kind reply.

This is great, you should consider Scripting Tryton Tutorial Video

I totally agree.

I think it is going to be very difficult to organize such live meeting. Everyone has different schedule, priorities and even time zone.
I would suggest you to use this forum as it is asynchronous or IRC Channels for quick questions.

Let us try maybe it will be good idea, attendance is not a must, it’s for those who are well to help more.

As I can see that most of the contributors are from Spain, and I am only +1 hour from Spanish time zone.