Remove a product

How can I remove a product entered by mistake or no longer need. Thanks So much!

Again my apologies after rummaging around for awhile I found in the web interface under a PRODUCT dropdown the Delete button. Tryton is very extension and can do so much some of the smaller things seem hidden to me and will just take a lot more time using the software to discover all the hidden gems inside of it.
I searched the forum and the documentation and did not find any info before posting on deleting a product. Even though these small things seem simple to new users learning the in and outs can be time consuming. Thanks! Telematic Man

Just to complete the thread, if you’ve used a product on a related document tryton will complain when deleting this product. In this cases you have a checkbox called “Active” which can be used to soft delete the product. This means that the product will be hidden by default searche (so it seems it is deleted) but it will correctly shown related documents.

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I did not know that thanks for the info in this case we are just entering all the products as we just started with using Tryton. However one the products entered we no longer carry . It is nice to know that if there had been other records tied to the product the hide is of use in that instance. Thanks!

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