Simplify warehouse / storage locations?

For my little, company, the default equipment with warehouse menu items seems a little overdone. All I need is one warehouse - and a second on the long run. Input and output zones are not available.

Is there a strategy to deal with a simple setup as mine? - It seems not possible to delete input or output zone - is there another possibility to simplify the setup?

Or did I - as happening so often - misunderstand the whole concept?


Just coincidence, I am doing some material for the inventory portion,
I think Input and output setup is the simplest setup for inventory.
Because you will still need temporary location to justify the state.

This is the supplier shipment, It is combine Receive and Storage (Done) in a form.
For you (small company), you can ignore the receiving. You may just click “Receipt” and “Done” in the same time. To complete all moves.

For customer shipment, If you can delivery on same day, just like the “Supplier Shipment” you can “Assign” and “Done” in same time.
However, if in case, you have done “Packed” but have not Delivery for few days. Then it is reasonable to keep the stock at “Output Zone”, that this stock has already book/assign to other customer. So system will not assign those stock for other “Sale”

For small warehouse you can use update the warehouse to set the same location for storage, input and output locations.

This will simplify the supplier and customer warehouse by removing the inventory moves. So you just receive and send products from the storage locations.

Hope it helps!

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To my surprise, I just realize can have this setting. :sweat_smile: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


When using the same input location as storage location, when receiving the supplier shipment it will be automatically done. You do not need to click done as the same time :wink:

On customer shipment if you us the same location for output and storage the assign button is hidden and you will be able to directly pack the shipment out.

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Not delete but you can deactivate them to hide them.

Sorry, as so often I need some more input. How do I achieve this?

You have to open the Stock Locations search for your warehouse and update the input and output locations to be the same as storage location. Something like this:

This will provide the simplies workflow for customer and supplier shipments.

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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, now I understand. All the time I was looking out for the name of my warehouse - but it’s close to obvious that “storage zone” is the entity to chose.

Thank you !

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