Cancellation of journal entry and negative amount


I just canceled a book entry, it seems to have gone well, but I have negative amounts on credit and debit.
Is this normal operation? I missed a setting?
In French accounting, negative amounts are prohibited and a negative amount on credit is represented by a positive amount on debit.


It is normal to not increase artificially the balance of the accounts.

You should really check if that’s true because it is a common believe because mistake corrections are usually not teached.
But also you must not confuse refund with a cancel. The cancellation is only for mistakes.

@2cadz the FEC export converts negative amount to inversed debit-credit value.

so even if you have negative amount in a Move, it will be shown as positive when you will export it for fiscal administration.

and I just saw that BOFIP (interpretation of law by fiscal administration) on 9028-PGP §230 provides examples of FEC with negative amounts.

Where do you see that?
For me it is done only for the opening line which is not a real move so there is no reason to use negative amount. But for all real line, I do not see no such conversion.

ah yes, my bad. it is only on get_start_balance(). I based my reply on memories and a quick check, but it wasn’t enough.