Duplicate variant

I just noticed that when i create a new product template and then add i end up with duplicate of it.

This mean if i create a product name “mango”
Then go to product template to add it and save,
I then will have two mango showing on product template.

On product i have one but on variant i see two.

Hi, unfortunately I don’t understand the issue or question. When you create two variants with the same product (template), the product (template) has two product variants. HIH

When i create one product template i have two varient of the product. One product template = two variants

I can’t reproduce. When I create a product (template) only one variant is created per default. See Tryton
Only when I also press on [+] button in the variants menu, I get two variants: the default one and the additional.
So maybe you just need to fill the default variant on product template creation and save the product template.

Okay follow this step, create a new puchase then on puchase line create a new product from the line this should create two product template

Can’t reproduce. I did exactly as you say and it creates one template when I create a new template.
See Tryton

When I choose from the existing templates, it doesn’t create a new template, but connects the variant with the existing template (which maybe already has a variant).
See Tryton

If you create a template from the product form, you will end up with 2 variants because the creation of a template create a variant by default. So you must delete the variant when creating the template in this case.

But this should no more happen since Skip default products when template created from product (#9025) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab.

Okay will look at it.

What is the way to solve this or stop it from happening apart from stopping the use of product template to create product

Use a recent version of Tryton with the fix.

Cant i apply the fix the stress of updating my tryton backend and database is what i dont want to go through for now.

If i can get the fix lines and apply the patch

See Issue 253011005: product: Skip default products when template created from product - Code Review but be aware that when doing an update your changes are lost.