Related records in a list one2many in SAO

Hi all, I want to see the related records of an item inside in a list of a form in SAO. For example in the purchase module in the desktop version, by right clicking on a product I can execute the actions and related on that product, but I am not finding the way to do it in SAO. If SAO does not have this functionality, how could I do to see the related items in a list?

thanks in advance!

You can click the product text in the list view, that will open the product forma and from there you can click the actions like any other form.

I wrote a module where I have no window views for that one2many, which has a product field that is many2one, but I can’t perform the relationship on that one. I have 2 one2many that are related, one is a list of product kit and the other is the list of simple products ( products that have no children). The idea was to see in which product kit the simple product is occupied.
For example a list of product kit:

  • product_kit1 (quantity, unit_price)
    • productA | 2 | $1.2
    • productB | 5 | $1.4
    • productC | 3 | $1.6
  • product_kit2 (quantity, unit_price)
    • productB | 3 | $1.4
    • productD | 5 | $3.5

For example a list of product simple:
product | quantity | unit_price
productA | 2 | $1.2
productB | 8 | $1.4
productC | 3 | $1.6
productD | 5 | $3.5

The related of productB:

product_kit | quantity
product_kit1 | 5
product_kit2 | 3

thanks in advance !