Quick access to actions of related objects in Sao

One major difference between Sao and GTK-client is the speed for
applying actions to relational fields via context menus.
For example:

  • Removing the reconciliation from payment of a paid invoice,
  • making a cancellation of an invoice move from within the invoice

It would be good to have the action shortcut abilities of the GTK-client context menu also in Sao.
Maybe better with a more web like representation like a ⋮-button, to let the browser context menu with the select all, cut, copy, paste functionality as is.

The idea is to have on list/tree views as last row always a ⋮-button with a reference to attachments, notes, actions, links and print of all relational target models available in the context of each line.
In form views the same. One menu like button for all relational target models available in the context of the form.

Do you think it is a good idea?

For me, this was solved with the CTRL+click on form and link on tree which gives the same options (and even more) than the contextual menu.
I think we must not try to mimic completely the behavior of the desktop to the web and vis-versa. But we must use the tools of each platform to provide similar functionality and behavior.

I’m a bit lost… What do you mean by CTRL+click on form in SAO? What is the supposed behavior obtained?

Using CTRL+click on a the open icon of a relation will open the relation in a new tab instead of a popup. This gives full access to all actions and relates etc.

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CTRL+click opens the context menu in macos. I am not sure if there is a workaround.

We could add for example ALT to give the feature to Safari users.

ALT or another modifier is a good idea. Ctrl+click even works strange on firefox and chromium at least under Linux, as it (tries to) open another browser tab in parallel to the sao internal tab.

Not when you click on a button (this is only for link but the feature is not used on links).