How to manage link with sao to open form


I have a form containing a One2Many field. When I open this form I see the header and the tree sequence for the One2Many field.
How access in one click the main form/tab of the records of the One2Many field ?
I see the switch button but it extands the tree sequence to the form and I want only the form of the records in the tree sequence view. I also see the button open but it opens a modal dialog with no actions available.
The way I would prefer is a direct link on the ID of the record (cause I display it) as it’s done for a Many2One field but I don’t know if it’s possible.


The way to do it is creating a form relate action which would open a new tab with the records of the o2m, allowing you to execute any action, report, or whatever.

Great, I’ve just seen the exemple for company.employee, perfect !
Tks Oscar

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