Disable many2one link in list views in Sao

When the system was given to the users, one major usability issue was that the users were clicking on the Many2One fields in a tree or list view to switch the view of the record. So instead of changing the view to a form view, the users end up opening the record of the Many2One field.

Is there any way to close the link in the tree view and just show the data. If the user has to see the details, it can always switch to the form view and then open the data.

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Indeed this is a shortcut to be able the relate and print actions of the Many2One field

I’ve faced the same issue when the feature was introduced but at the end is a mather of get used on which part of the record you have to click. For example if you click on a non Many2One field the form will be opened but if you click on the Many2One it’s details will be opened.

I agree but when we are going to implement such a system in an organisation where more than 10,000 employees work and most of them are not computer friendly, it will be tough to explain and provide training. As a technical person, I find this feature very friendly. But for end-users, it is tough to use. Most of the times, they end up clicking the link. I think that most of them think that links are some place where they have to click, and it takes time for them to get use to the idea that they have to click on non-link space.

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Do not teach that but to select a line (with the checkbox) and click on “switch view” in the toolbar.

From the usability point of view, double click is more easy to use then selecting a line and the clicking on switch view. Moreover, as soon as the views load, the first line in the tree view comes selected by default. Users have already told me that this creates confusion to them as well.

PS - This is the user feedback that I have received while implementing the system.

I think we should consider this an useability issue. We should try to make tryton behave how users expect, having to train them on how to interact should be unnecessary (ideally).

Maybe, instead of a link, we should add a https://material.io/tools/icons/?icon=open_in_new&style=baseline next to the content of the field. Or using the right button to display a popup menu, just like the GTK does. (I prefer the latter).

For me, interaction with list views, should probably be similar to gmail, which also provides a context menu on right-click.

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The problem with right button is that is not available on touch screens, so we should consider an option that includes this devices also.

I don’t think that should be a problem as touchscreen devices emulate the right click with holding the finger for ~1s. That can be tested with the developer tools of the browser and works with Gmail, for example.