Problem with the width of Form view elements in Tryton 5

Our form view contains the following Date and Many2One elements:

<label name="date"/>
<field name="date"/>
<label name="account"/>
<field name="account" xexpand="0"/>

In Tryton 4.6 they looked like this:

And they look different in Tryton 5.2:

We have tried to set width attribute but it doesn’t work if width is less than some min-width.
How can we reduce the min-width for some elements in Tryton 5?

Date widget has a fixed width since long time ago.
You can see on your 4.6 screenshot that they already do not have the same width.

OK. But Date widget looks too long in Tryton 5.

Our problem is not about “same width”.
We were talking about “empty space” to the right of the value (inside widget).
In Tryton 5 this empty space is confusing.

We have tried to set width attribute for Many2One widget, not for Date widget.
What about Many2One widget? Can we reduce its width?

We have to use some good default that works for any language.

We set a default width of 25 chars for Many2One. This is again a default that should work for most of the case. Maybe we could introduce an attribute to change the default width chars.

It would be cool to introduce such an attribute for all widgets (including Date widget).

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