Default value for xalign attribute in Tryton 5.4

Tryton 5.4 seems to use 0.5 as default value for xalign attribute.
However this value was equal to 0.0 in previous versions of Tryton.
We could not find this change in Tryton News.
Can we set xalign = 0.0 for all widgets without changing XML in each form view?

This is from Issue 8799: Alignment does not wotk on field or label - Tryton issue tracker. But as fields are expanded by default, it does not change the default behavior. But it was necessary to change to 0.5 to get the same behavior for all widgets.
So no there is no way to change xalign everywhere but it is not really a problem because to have a different behavior you already need to change the xexpand.

Thanks for answering. But most of our fields already have xexpand="0".
So it is really a problem. :slightly_smiling_face: