Expand numeric fields with big amounts

I have an observation regarding the UI, for example, in the form view I think that it is not necessary to limit the numerical fields to be smaller. There are monetary amounts that exceed millions and you cannot see all the numbers (even worse the decimals). The default size may be current, but it would be great if we could use some attribute in the form view definition that allows us to make the fields longer (for example, until we reach the length of the Many2One fields). The same for selection fields, date fields, etc.


Regarding this observation, I attach an image where you can see the problem that I refer to in the previous post:


You can see that the last digit cannot be seen. If the number were bigger, well, it would no longer be seen completely.

Any suggestion?

I guess it is only on web client because on desktop the width depends on the number of digits.
I filled Issue 9282: Digits not use to size numeric field - Tryton issue tracker