Change size of wizard window

With the Tryton client version 5.0 the wizard is again a dialog (or popup). But I got a lot of complains about the size of the dialog. Is it possible to set a minimum width and a minimum height of the dialog window? Maybe a config option in the client configuration?

For the time being, we switched back to the 4.8 idea of having the wizard as a tab inside the main window.

The dialog size depends on the content of the wizard, without having any extra space.

You can configure the wizards to open in a new window, in this case they will fit the size of the screen.

But some widgets have a minimal size quiet small like xxx2Many. In this case you can define on the view the height attribute.

It’s about the whole wizard window. It would be nice to have the content spaced in a predefined wizard window size (mostly the width), so the content have to size itself to the wizard window dimensions. Now the wizard window dimensions depends on the content inside which can in cases be very small and the first thing users do, is to make the wizard window bigger.

Hi, I have a Many2One field in a wizard, it showed up too small.
I added the width attribute as follow, and that way I got it fine;
<field name="period" width="200"/>

Not only wizard dialog windows but m20 search/navigation as well.

We noticed there is no consensus among users about this behaviour. Some of them prefer dialog/popup and another ones prefer version 4.8 implementation.
So, I’m wondering if it could be a client option such as PDA mode. What do you think?

I do not think option will solve the problem (it is just moving the responsibility on the user). We need a good enough default behavior. For me, it is mainly about the size requested by some widget like xxx2Many.

The responsability for users woul be to choose (or not) the behavior they prefer to (popup or full window).

Indeed requested size for xx2many widgets should be reworked.

I have submit Issue 8016: Define defautl widht and height of form widgets - Tryton issue tracker