Possibility to define product consumption within an operation/step of a Routing


I was checking the production routing module in Tryton 4.8. It seems quite straight-forward to me as it is allowing me to allocate a routing to multiple BOMs or a BOM to multiple routings. It looks like many-to-many relationships. But I didn’t find the possibility to define which materials will be consumed at which operation/step of routing. Moreover it is also possible to allocate a BOM where the materials are not related to an operation. I think the following features are missing?

  1. It should not allow me to allocate a BOM which is not having any connection with a step of a routing.
  2. It should allow me to define which input products of the BOM will be consumed at which step/operation of a routing.

What do you say?

Kind regards

We want to be able to use production without routing.

The problem is that routing can be linked to different BoMs and they may not require the same materials.