Allow to make BOM more detailed

Currently the BOM only allows to manage the quantities of the input products. But for example for products that have a unit of the type “Length” it is also important to know the length of the specific parts for the final products.

It would be great to have the possibility to define input lines like this:

  • Product A: 2 meters
  • Product A: 4 meters

What are the reasons that this is currently not allowed and what could be done to provide this feature?

If you need to produce the parts and them assemble them into the final product I guess you should go with separate boms and productions. This way you will have the lenght of all products that are needed for each specific part.

So for you will have something like:

  • To produce Part 1, 2meters of product A is needed
  • To produce Part 2, 4 meters of product A is needed
  • To produce final product, 1unit of Part1 and 1unit of Part 2 is needed.

Is this what are you looking for?

For me the unique constraint is there only for BOM.compute_factor. So it is only needed for outputs but I guess it is possible to rewrite the method to not require it.

But in general managing lengths or area as stock quantity is mission impossible.
But if you have only some fixed length than you should make a product for each one, this will work.

Thx. I think it would be good to have that.

Here is Issue 10363: Remove unique constraint on product's BOM - Tryton issue tracker.