Allow to set routing on production without bom


We’ve found with some companies that use some machine to generate products based on customer demands. Our concret example is a company that cuts and splits metal sheets into finished products like screws, packing rings or similars. This company use an input material (the metal sheet) and cut them into severall finished product. The outputs cost are computed using the input material plus the cost of the time spend on the machine cutting the sheet. So in order to track the machine cost we need to specify the Routing and the Cost Center used on this production.

Our problem is that currently Tryton only allows to specify the routing for a specific BOM, so if no BOM is definied (which is our case as the output products are added on customer demand) it is not possible to set nor a routing nor a cost center


As the BOMs is an optional field on Routing I think we should always show the routing field on production so routings without Bom can be selected when there is no BOM nor a product set.

I do not think it makes sense to have routing without BoM because the routing describe how to process the BoM. I can not see how a routing could be useful for custom production.
But you can create works on a production without BoM. The only missing part is to be able to set a work center when there is no BoM. I do not see any problem to allow that.

Finally we solved creating the Operation directly without setting any routing nor any work center on the production. In this case we set directly the machine where the operation should be done directly on the Operation.

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