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we implement the stock_package_shipping mechanism and are using the DPD-Service successfully without too much changes! Thank you for this work.
Now, we are facing a “small” usability issue: When the shipping label is created, the only option is to save this label:

I was wondering, if it is possible, to display the shipping label directly. Within the code to create the label, the Binary-field only get the data of the PDF and no filename. But if I set the filename, there is no change in the behaviour. How can I get a “display” option instead of “save”?

Thank you and best regards,

If there are some improvements for the module thanks to report them.

The filename attribute should be the solution but it should provide a filename that will be guessed with the right type. For web client, pdf should end with .pdf and your browser understand this mimetype. For desktop client, it is quiet the same except that it relies on the OS to open the file.
From the screenshot, it seems that you are using the web client but the filename is not set and also an old version.

Ok, I will do this.

Finally, this has been the missing link for me: I added a label_filename field to the model and show it within the tree, after this, we can open the file directly, as desired. Thank you!

No, this is the actual 5.0.3. Client / in German Translation with an enhancement for displaying the package label directly in the package tree.

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