Ship Application

Continuing the discussion from Pack Application:


Once a shipment is packed, we need to ship it (mark as done). At this state, there is the need to print the shipping label from the module stock_package_shipping.


The SPA could be extended to have a Ship menu entry.


  • The user enters the shipment Number (or pick one if many matches). The available shipments are those in packed state and that are not assigned to any other employee.
  • The user requests the creation of the label using a button on the shipment.
  • The user fetch the label for each root packages.
  • The user set the shipment to done.


We must create some API’s:

  • POST /stock_package_shipping/shipments/out/search
    To search shipments:
    • by number and warehouse
    • by warehouse and assigned to employee
  • GET /stock_package_shipping/shipment/out/<int:shipment>
    To retrieve the data of a shipment. It should contain everything needed for the application.
  • PUT /stock_package_shipping/shipment/out/<int:shipment>
    To send the modification done on the shipment:
    • It should allow to assign it to the employee
    • It should allow to ship (do) the shipment.
  • POST /stock_package_shipping/shipment/out/<int:shipment>/create_shipping
    To run the create shipping wizard on the shipment.
  • GET /stock_package_shipping/package/<int:package>/label
    To retrieve the label data.