Default Binary Image

I have given a test.svg as a default image for the binary field.
The picture gets displayed in my localhost but when I push the code to the server, it throws an error saying the “test.svg” file not found.
How do I rectify this?

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Probably that the test.svg file is not installed by your deployment. Is it define as package_data in your

Yes, it is defined in my as package_data.

Are you opening it using the function?
This method should be used because setuptools may put the file in different places depending on your setup, OS etc.

I found out that there are no files or folders related to my module in my trytond/modules directory

The images are in this folder

But I can’t open from here because of the secure_join function of file_open and the root that file_open takes is location of python virtual environment/lib/python3.6/site-packages/trytond-5.0.6-py3.6.egg/trytond

Please help

The files used by a module must be installed inside this module. So I suspect that the package_date is not correctly setup such that the installation put them in the module.

The package_data for this module is as follows

The location seems a bit weird to me.

Shouldn’t this be python virtual environment /lib/python3.6/site-packages/trytond ? This is where all my tryton data lives is.

I finally solved this problem

The path to be given is module_name/path_to_test.svg_relative_to_module_name

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