Notebook page adjustment of a view size

I am trying to deploy Tryton clients and found a puzzling thing. There are troubles with notebook view size along with the absence of image preview in Windows64 client.
Is there a way to define the vertical size of the notebook field?

      <page name="Small-preview" col="4" string="Large view">
        <separator id="separator-2" string="Image full" colspan="2"/>
            <field name="image" widget="image" width="1280" height="1024"/> 
            <label name="filename"/> 
            <field name="filename"/>
            <label name="recorded_date"/> 
            <field name="recorded_date"/>

MacOS client:

Windows10 client:

Here the same in web client:

The sizes are in pixel. So I guess the resolution is maybe too high.

It looks like the gdk-pixbuf.loaders are not right with the build.
I see that we have in the configuration the dll’s without version but the MSYS build include some dll’s with version.

Forget about that. I just tested and the loaders are correctly working. It is the dependencies dll’s that have version number not the loaders.

Well, I am interested,

  1. What can I do from my side? (initially, I downloaded a binary)
  2. How to make the notebook stretched vertically to fit an image in the desktop client?

A notebook has a default yexpand to True so it takes all the available space vertically.
But you may need to also set yexpand to True on the image tag if the height is not correct.

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yexpand works like a charm.
Mac OS client now works great.
So, the only problem of Win64 client is not showing images.
Should I update the client?

This is the first thing to do. Always use the latest version of the series before reporting issue.

Did that yesterday. All the same regarding this particular issue. It was installed a week ago from the website.
5.8.1 (both 32/64 bit — the same)
No thumbnail, no big image, but size is correct (an empty placeholder for a large image preview).
I tried png/jpg — both.

It will be good to check if it can load each loader format and if it is not missing a dll.

Checked with various PNG/JPG:

PNG - okay.
JPG - never works.

How could I check dll’s?

This thread seems to provide the needed information:


will check. Is that C#?

Also, just a side note on the related basis:

…OS clients are much more strict on XML view rules (selected widgets types, various setting like “xexpand”, etc.). Some of my “relaxed” xxxxx_form.xml doesn’t work in desktop clients completely, some looks weird…
I am constantly rewriting them to be “compliant”…


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