Can't make yexpand yfill working


I’d like to use XML attributes on my fields (tree or form view) but I can’t make them working.
Nothing happens when I add them.
For example, on a tree view, my object has a big file that I don’t want to display totally.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<field name="end_date"/>
<field name="customer"/>
<field name="base64_file" yexpand="0" yfill="0"/>

But attributes don’t have any effect.

Same behavior for form view, how can I make my textarea bigger by default

<label name="body" colspan="1"/>
<field name="body" colspan="3" yexpand="1" yfill="1" />

What am I missing ?

Screenshot for the form view (I can only add one image per message)

yexpand and yfill are not attribute of tree view but there is expand.

For the form, the web client can not really expand to fill the screen because it is a web page and so there is no predefined width like in an application. But you can set a minimal height with the height attribute in pixel.

Thanks for your answer.
Is expand also for vertical axis ? I can’t make it work either.
Or is it another way to only display the first lines (maybe in the python part) ?

I already tried height attribute, like

but the behavior is strange

No on tree view only the horizontal axis is manageable.

You must create a Function field that contains only the first line then. See summary of ir.attachment.

This is an unexpected behavior of <textarea/>. Here is Issue 8656: <textarea/> does not fill vertically - Tryton issue tracker that should fix it.

Ok, thank you Cédric.

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