Linking sales orders with productions


It seems the production module is isolated from the sales module on Tryton. Is there any way to link a sales order somehow with the productions in Tryton? It is vital to understand which productions are running against which sales order and for different reporting purposes. But I do not see any option except a reference field on the production entry where the sales order can be entered manually.

We created the sale_supply_production [1] module, but it really is very tight to several other very specific modules. A generic “sale_supply_production” module would be nice to have.


In Tryton you normally create all the sale orders and then execute the production supply wizard to create production requests. This has the benefit that if you had two orders of different customer for the same product, only a production request is created (with the sum of quantities of both orders), so theoretically the production process is more efficient.

I think we should first create a blueprint explaining what this module should try to solve. Could you explain what requirements you are trying to solve with this module?

Sounds great. But from where I can access this production supply wizard after I create and process a sales?

You should install the stock_supply_production module. Once installed you will find the wizard on the Stock -> Order Points -> Supply Wizard menu option.

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hi @pokoli, I checked the supply wizard on Tryton demo. It seems the purpose of this order points is just to create production requests, purchase requests etc. I still do not see anything there to tag one or more sales orders with a production request.

There is no direct relation between sale order and production orders. Production requests are created to manufacture all the required materials and then those are send when available.

Could you explain why production users need to now the relation with the sale order?

It’s all about automating the workflow. Once the sales order is processed, the production users will see the incoming production requests in the queue. But as per current situation, the production module is totally isolated from the sales module and there is no tracking which production orders are running for which sales orders. The production users do not have any information which products will be delivered on which date. Infact, for the sake of accurate production planning it is also a vital information. Imagine the company is having tons of sales orders and there is no information what is the status of the production of a product which needs to be delivered to the customer.

I don’t think it’s about production users who need to know. It’s just that the office needs to know why that production order is created. Nowadays most companies are producing based on sale order. So first the product have to be sold before the company is going to produce the product. At that moment when there are production orders, you want to know which sale order(s) are attached to that production order. When you have customers who are asking when their products will be delivered, you can easily find the production order and then calculate the delivery time.
Yes it’s more strict then not having a link between sale order and production order. But some people wants that connection and I can really understand that.

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Because production orders are grouped to optimize the resources.
Also not all production order can be link to a sale order. Some are created because they are needed for another production for example.

They have this information because there are planned dates.

This production supply wizard manage that computation. And it takes care of the dates.
Your way of seeing the production workflow is without any automation nor computation. This is not the way Tryton is helping here. It computes and plan the production according to the dates of everything (customer shipment, supplier shipments, other productions etc.).

So if you want to see the plannification for a product, you have to look at the “product quantity by warehouse” view.

No they do not need to know that. Such computations are quiet complex to be seen as a simple one-to-one relation. But as I said, you can look at the evolution of the product quantity.

You are not going to manage that manually. Tryton does this for you.

No, you do not need to know that. This is wrong and counter productive to try to know that.

The customer will be delivered at the date the shipment is planned. You do not need to look at any production order.

But they are wrong. So Tryton is about good practice, not answer to all the wish.

But now as @albert pointed, we have a sale_supply module (mainly for drop shipment) so we could have a sale_supply_production. But the interest is very low.

Indeed, we’ve hit this stone several times and I think the interest is pretty high. Mostly in companies that produce custom products, where almost each sale is a new product that has never been produced before.

I’ve just relaized we’ve had an issue about it on the bug tracker: Issue 3257: Production supply modules - Tryton issue tracker