Supply on sale with production request


Some business may require to produce on sale request. For example, when the production is very customized even for the same “product”. More on Linking sales orders with productions.


A new module sale_supply_production is created which:

  • Allow supply_on_sale for producible (salable and not salable)
  • Create production request for producible line, store it on the sale line and set the sale as origin (like purchase request for purchasable)
  • A Function field production_request_state is added to the line with the values: '', requested, produced or cancel.
  • Assign the sale moves once the production is done

The design is very similar to the purchase request. So the sale_supply may be factored to ease the integration of production request (e.g. allow to reuse assign_supplied).
The production request are also created for input product that has the supply_on_sale checked.


I have some points that are not clear to me:

  • What will be the behaviour of sale_supply_production in case of nested productions? I mean: one of the sale product inputs is another product that should be producible. Will be nested productions also created?
  • What happens if the supply production wizard is executed and exists a production request linked to a sale? I think the supply wizard should not delete production requests created from a sale.

I think by default nothing should be done. So the stock_supply_production will be in charge of creating such production if needed.
But we should allow to extend the behavior to force to create nested productions if it is needed.

I agree the stock_supply_production should be updated this way.

I’m not sure if this is the best behaviour. We’ve found several cases that the production is done one demand and all of the components of the production should be produced in intermediate productions. So in this case it makes totally sense to create also nested productions.

I think we should allow the user to choose for each product if the production is “exploded on sale” or not.

Indeed I think a better design is to create production order also for producible input that has the supply_on_sale checked. So this means that the checkbox should be visible even if the product is not salable.

For it’d be better to have a supply_on_production. In some scenarios users want to manually create a production but all the bom tree created and linked to the main production.

This way if a product is created by “supply_on_sale” the initial production will be created on the sale. Afterwards if some of the inputs of the production are marked as “supply_on_production” their productions will be created too.

For me, it is not a correct design because the “nested” production requests must be created before the starting of the “parent” production. So supply_on_production will always be too late.