Legacy data transfer

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our balance sheets are always compared with the previous year. Is it possible to include the balance of the previous year in the expense and income accounts since the balance as per 01.01.2020 is zero here? Or do I have to post the balances of all accounts as of 31.12.2019 and then make a year-end closing?

I also have a question regarding the opening entries when transferring the open items debtors / creditors. It is possible to assign parties to each collective account (trade receivables or trade payables) in the opening postings, but I would like to transfer the original document number and the original document date for the open items too. How can I manage this? (obsolet if I have to start with 31.12.2019)

The system in use is Tryton 5.0

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The balance of the expense and income accounts are probably not balanced so you can only import a balanced move.

Probably. But do you think it is really important and worth the cost as it is only for one year.

You can create one line per opened document and fill the description with the document number.
But again you should really balance if it worth the cost. Usually at B2CK we transfer only the balance of each party because it is easier. Another point is you transfer one line per document, you would still not be allowed to change previous reconciliation.

If I’ve understood well you can import all party legacy moves and, for example, to create a new journal-period to place a new move as a counterpart for each party with balance distinct from zero to collect into one single account the parties and have this new move one to do the reconciliation.

In the profit and loss statement of our Group, each item is compared with that of the previous year. So in P/L I have two colums, like in the balace sheet. At the left the column with the values as per 31.12.2019 and in the right column the figures as per 31.12.2020. Since costs and erarnings have per definition no balance as per beginning of the year I thought that it would be possible to enter the previous year’s values as statistical values in the master data of the general ledger account. So if I understand this correctly, Tryton delivers the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement with only one column containing the values of the current year, right?

I agree, it’s easier to create only one entry with the balance per party. But we have parties with several items refering to different invoices, even in different currencies for the same party. It will therefore be much easier for the current bookings if you have the individual postings in their currency, with their reference, exchange rate and date. I have the problem, that I can’t enter this items in the opening entries. When I try to enter an effective date wich obviously must be before 01.01.2020 I get the error “you can not create move because it’s date is out of the period”. So I wonder how to solve that problem.

Additional information:
The entry for the opening moves is posted at Finantial/Entries/Account Moves.
The open items of the parties are to be posted using their collecting account (for example the impersonal account for receivables) using the open amount I tried to assign a party.
The journal is of type “General”, the sequence the journal entry is based on is of secuence code “account journal”

Many thanks for your quick answers to both Cédric and José.

It can be compared to any other date.
I do not think it is a strong requirement to always have comparison.

In case of multi-currencies, I may be good to create a line per party and currency so you can also fill the summed amount in the other currency.

Of course the effective date of the balanced line must be the date at which the balance is transferred.