Invoice exeption - deselection

Hello friends,

I did crediting with some invoices and newly created parts of them for further processing. Now I still have these sales with status “invoice exeption”. I did “handle invoice exeption” and tried to deselect the position in question - but I could not, the line always stayed highlightened, no matter how often I click it.

My wrong? Thanks a lot in advance.


Did you tryied using the Control key to deselect them?

For the record, it will change in the next release Issue 11180: Remove TreeViewControl - Tryton issue tracker

I did. It does not react to 1st ctrl-click, now I found that it does only to a 2nd one.
Really tricky indeed.

Thank you.
My favourite would be:

  • no need for a key for a single selection - select/deselect by single click
  • ctrl-click for selection of several single items
  • shift-click for a list


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