Check invoice has not been credited

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On working with credit notes, I notice that Tryton ERP does not check if an invoice has already been credited. Don’t you guys think it’s strange or it’s a completely acceptable behavior?

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What will it improve to have such check? You can any way create any credit note you want.
Anyone having accounting access can manipulate the accounts as he wants. That’s why accounting access should be limited. And that we have dedicated document to manage workflow like the sale complaint.

Such check could, at least, warn the user that an invoice has already been credited. But yeah, your are right, we can any way create any credit note we want since we can credit any invoice setting negative quantities, however, it’d be great if the credit wizard could do the check. It’s just an idea, I’m just wondering about certain functionalities or improvements.

For me, a warning that works partially is worse than nothing. Because user will not rely on it once he discover that.

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean with this. Can you elaborate?

If the system gives the feeling that it will protect user against something but afterward she discovers that it is not always the case, she will lost confidence into the system.
So if we add a protection we must do it always right or it is better to not do it.


Ohhhh ok. I got you @ced. Thanks for all your replies as always :wink:

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