Return sale with canceled invoice


I have the follow case

  1. Create a sale and process it.
  2. Post the invoice and after cancel (wrong TAX ID), and after create a new invoice with the correct data.
  3. Validate the shipment.
  4. The customer return the sale for wrong product sended. The currect sale has in invoice state: Exception, but when the Return button is pressed, it creates a new invoice and shipment return with negative amounts. I know these is the expected behavior, but in these case I need to cancel the new invoice created in step 2. I’m not sure how to manage these case.

Another question, some times, when a sale is returned I don’t need to create a new invoice but only cancel the invoice and create the shipment return How can manage these?

Thanks in advance!

Well it seems you did not recreate the invoice to fix the tax but do a manual invoice. This is not good for the system as it does not know about this new invoice.

I do not see why. You have an invoice and a credit note which cancel each other. So you just need to reconcile them together.

In accounting there is no such thing as cancelling an invoice. There is only credit note that “cancel” invoice.

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Could you help me with that? How to reconcile an invoice and a credit invoice?

Can these procedure works if the invoices is paid?

Use the reconciliation wizard on the move lines or the reconcile account wizard.

This means that the move line of the invoice is already reconciled so you will have to unreconcile it prior to reconcile with another line.

I’m using account_payment module to receive the payment of the invoice.

The procedure is the follow:

  1. Post the invoice (created from sale).
  2. Create a payment, aprove, process and succeed.
  3. The invoice move is reconciled, and the invoice is updated to paid state.

To unreconcile invoice , I tried to fail the payment, but tryton tell that cannot modify invoice “14” because it is posted, paid or cancelled. How to fail the payment? Or to unreconcile the invoice? In the menu I only found moves but not move lines, where it can be found?

I was searching for unreconcile wizard but only find it on Financial > Processing > Reconcile Accounts.

Thanks for your help.

This is not the purpose of account_payment (see Account Payment Module — trytond_account_payment latest documentation).
You should use account_statement or the pay button on the invoice.

Are you using an old version. It seems you are hit by Issue 6786: Remove clearing move link before delete it - Tryton issue tracker

This wizard is linked to move lines. So you must open for example the payable/receivable lines from the party. Or open the payable or receivable account from the chart of accounts.

Thanks for the info, I will use it from now on.

I’m using trytond and trytond_account_payment_clearing 5.6.0.

To open payable/receivable lines I use Financial > Payments > Lines to Pay, but if an invoice is already paid (I tried with account_statement) the lines doesn’t appear more.

Thanks, I found the move lines in Financial > Charts > Open Charts of Accounts and after select the receivable account. BTW, after run the wizard I still receive the message ‘You cannot modify invoice “18” because it is posted, paid or cancelled’.

It looks like you have a module that modify other fields than the Invoice._check_modify_exclude when the invoice is processed for “unpaid”.

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Yes, I have other fields in a custom module and doesn’t not be included in Invoice._check_modify_exclude.

Thanks for all your help!

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